Eko Straza: ‘Worrying concentration of sulphur dioxide detected in the air in Novi Sad’

The Eko Straza organisation from Novi Sad has said that a high and ‘worrying’ concentration of sulphur dioxide has been recorded in the capital of Vojvodina in recent days.

Sulphur dioxide concentrations in the air in Novi Sad on Friday morning are reported to have reached 3,500 milligrams per cubic metre, and the decree on monitoring conditions and air quality requirements states that the maximum permitted concentration is 500 milligrams per cubic metre.

“This level of pollution is dangerous for the health and lives of citizens, and the line institutions are obliged to inform the public about them,” they warned in a Facebook post.

Furthermore, Eko Straza sent requests for access to information of public importance about the sulphur dioxide levels to the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection, the Novi Sad Thermal Power Plant, the Municipal Administration for Environmental Protection, the Electricity Industry of Serbia and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The environmental organisation said it was not shocked by the lack of any reaction from the authorities to such high concentrations, as ignoring problems is a common practice in Serbia, and reminded that sulphur dioxide is formed by burning sulphur, which is an integral part of oil derivatives, coal, gas, metal ores emitted during crude oil processing in refineries and cement factories.

(Danas, 26.09.2021)



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