Egyptian investor to open a plywood factory in Mali Zvornik – Jobs for 100 people

The Egypt Plywood Company from Egypt plans to open a plywood factory in Mali Zvornik.

According to the municipality’s official website, the company has been given a production space in the Mali Zvornik industrial zone and in turn, the company undertook to employ 100 people in its new production facility.

“The municipality of Mali Zvornik rented out around 2,200 square metres of business space, 1,611 square metres of a paved parking lot and 1,044 square metres of space for other purposes, as well as a part of the 500kW substation to Venera Gold, a company that is registered in Serbia and is the legal representative of Egyptian Plywood. The Egyptian company is obliged to pay a monthly rent, employ 100 workers in the next two years and expand the existing capacities”, the municipal website reads.

The president of the Mali Zvornik municipality, Zoran Jevtić, said that it had been agreed with the investor for the factory to initially employ 35 workers in the first shift and to set up the second shift as soon as possible and hire another 35 workers, whereas the remaining 30 should be employed over the next two years.

The director of Egyptian Plywood, Mohamed Elsaid Ahmed Aboulabhan, said that he hoped for successful operations in Mali Zvornik and that the company would succeed in expanding its business.

(eKapija, 30.03.2023)

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