Egyptian ambassador to Serbia files request for launch of Nis-Hurghada flights

Nis Airport, Konstantin Veliki, might soon start offering flights to the Egyptian tourist resort of Hurghada, because, as the Egyptian Ambassador to Serbia, Amr Aljowaily, says, the Egyptian Embassy in Serbia has already filed a request with the Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia.

“Connecting Nis and Hurghada is a great untapped opportunity,” Ambassador Aljowaily and Darko Bulatovic, the Mayor of Nis, said.

“The request has already been sent to the competent authorities in Belgrade and they are now waiting for authorization of the Civil Aviation Directorate and the relevant state institutions,” the Egyptian Ambassador added.

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Aljowaily and Bulatovic also believe that Hurghada and Nis should be connected because they have a lot to learn from each other, primarily in the segment of tourism and promoting tourist destinations, which Egypt is well-known for.

The service, as they said, would also help enhance the economic cooperation between Nis and Egypt.

(Juzne Vesti, 08.03.2019)


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