Education Minister proposes 45-minute-long school classes

At yesterday’s meeting of the representatives of the Ministry of Education and school unions, Education Minister Branko Ruzic said that the school year will start normally and classes will last 45 minutes, although everything will depend on the decision of the government’s Crisis Response Team.

The meeting was attended by Minister Branko Ruzic, his special advisors Jelena Parezanovic and Zoran Kostic, assistant ministers for kindergarten, primary and secondary education Milan Pasic and Milos Blagojevic, and trade union representatives Valentina Ilic (Serbian Education Union), Slobodan Brajkovic (Education Workers’ Union of Serbia), Srdjan Slović (GSPRS Nezavisnost) and Zvonimir Jović (USPRS).

“The Minister assured us that the school year will start normally and that classes will last 45 minutes. According to him, the Ministry has prepared several educational models that will be implemented depending on the epidemiological situation. The educational system will be decentralised and the model that will be applied will depend on the epidemiological situation and the capacities of individual schools. Student dormitories will operate at full capacity,” said the trade union representative.

The unions also say that the final decision will depend on the Crisis Response Team, which will meet on Monday or Tuesday.

(Nova, 18.08.2021)



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