Editorial staff of prestigious NIN magazine resign

The entire editorial staff of the Serbian weekly magazine NIN have resigned, announcing they would move to work for a new weekly magazine. In a collective press release, they said that the reason for the resignation was that they wanted to maintain their professional integrity.

“The new owner of NIN d.o.o. Jelena Drakulic Petrovic announced a change in the concept of NIN weekly, but she did not reassure us that we will be able to continue doing our work as before – uncompromisingly and guided exclusively by the imperatives of professional journalism,” their statement said.

United Media announced later that they will launch a new weekly magazine.  “The current editorial staff of NIN, together with Vesna Malisic and Milan Culibrk, will move to work for the new magazine, which will be launched soon,” the N1 website reported.

NIN’s new owner is its former director, Jelena Drakulic Petrovic, who was appointed to this position in August 2023. NIN was owned previously by the Swiss company Ringier for 14 years.

Drakulic Petrovic said then that NIN would “continue to nurture independence, trust and information and critically report about socio-political events”.

NIN is one of the oldest magazines in Serbia. It was established in 1935 but was soon banned. It continued to be published regularly in 1951.

(021.rs, 10.01.2024)


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