EC’s report: Serbia’s innovation-based growth twice faster than in the EU

Innovation performance keeps improving in EU member states and regions, with SEE being the centre of moderate and emerging innovators, according to the latest European Innovation Scoreboard 2021, published by the European Commission.

Sweden continues to be the  EU Innovation Leader, followed by Finland, Denmark and Belgium, all with innovation performance well above the EU average.

The European Commission report says that Serbia has achieved noteworthy growth in all areas.

Serbia is now at the level of 66.2 percent of the EU average compared to 2018 when it was at 58 percent and is far above that average in some areas. According to the government data, the number of people working in the IT industry is twice what it was four years ago, standing at more than 40,000 this year.

With a score of 74.5, Serbia is classified as an Emerging Innovator. Serbia’s strengths are in Innovators, Firm Investments and Employment Impacts categories. The top-3 indicators include Non-R&D innovation expenditures, Product innovators, and Employment in innovative enterprises.

The regional innovation scoreboard (RIS) is a regional extension of the European innovation scoreboard (EIS), assessing the innovation performance of European regions on a limited number of indicators. The RIS 2021 provides a comparative assessment of the performance of innovation systems across 240 regions of 22 EU countries, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg and Malta are included at the country level. 

(B92, 26.07.2021)

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