Economy Ministry announces the signing of investment contracts worth EUR 320 million

The Serbian Ministry of the Economy has decided to financially support new investments by domestic and foreign investors whose investments are going to amount to around EUR 320 million and who will create 2,500 new jobs throughout Serbia as a result of these investments.

Economy Minister Anđelka Atanasković says that the Ministry pays special attention to reinvestments, because ‘new investments by the same companies are a validation of the stability of the investment environment’. By mid-August, nine new contracts for investment projects will be signed with companies:

– ZF Pancevo (expansion of the production programme for automotive electronic equipment at the existing Pancevo site);

– ZF Pancevo (service centre in Novi Sad);

– Shenchi Automotive (construction of a production plant for automotive components in Kragujevac);

– Stax Technologies (production of general-purpose machinery and equipment in Čačak);

– Pons (automation of frozen pastry production process in Čačak);

– Ecomex (construction of a production plant for roasted coffee in Stara Pazova);

– Swisslion Takovo (automation of existing capacity for chocolate and biscuit production in Vršac);

– Moka (automation of the plant for the preparation and production of dough, bread and pastries in Čačak);

– Gorenje (expansion of the production plant for refrigerators in Valjevo).

In cooperation with the Ministry of the Economy, Gorenje made its seventh investment. By expanding the production plant in Valjevo, Gorenje will invest EUR 47 million by the end of 2024 and employ 1,020 new workers by the end of 2025.

ZF Serbia invests in Serbia for the fourth time. This company will create 589 new jobs in Pančevo by the end of 2027 and invest 238 million euros, while the investment project in Novi Sad will employ 370 workers and invest over 6.7 million euros by the end of 2025.

With the second investment in Serbia, Swisslion Takovo will complete the automation of existing production capacities in Vršac by the end of 2022 and invest EUR 1.6m. By the end of 2026, Shenchi Automotive in Kragujevac will invest EUR 7.9m and employ 127 new workers.

By the end of 2024, Stax Technologies will invest EUR 10.4 million and employ 300 new workers in its new plant in Čačak. Moka Čačak will invest EUR 2.2 million in Čačak by the end of next year, while the Pons baking company will invest EUR 1.4 million. By the end of next year, Ecomex will create 30 new jobs in the Stara Pazova municipality and invest EUR 4.8 million in the production plant.

By the end of August, new contracts for investment projects are also expected to be concluded with four investors with whom negotiations have been completed, and who come from the food sector (Belt, Neoplanta, Dijamant), as well as pharmaceutical production automation segment.

(eKapija, 04.08.2022)

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