Economic Advisory Office established: Bridge between employers and inspectors

One of the reasons why the number of undocumented workers has fallen in the last year or so is a more fervent inspection work.

In order to make inspectors even more efficient, the government is going to carry out an analysis of inspection oversight in March in order to ascertain how many more inspectors are needed and what kind of equipment should be provided for them.

In the meantime, the authorities are preparing to set up economic advisory office which is supposed to improve the communication between companies and inspectors.

Ever since the new Law on Inspection Oversight was adopted, there have been three panel discussions with over 200 employers participating and openly communicating with inspectors about their work. As this proved to be a good practice, the government has decided to establish a permanent office that would facilitate the dialogue between employers and relevant inspectors.

“This office will provide information to companies about their rights and obligations. Employers will be able to give suggestions and proposals for improving the work of inspections and submit objections to existing systemic solutions”, says Zoran Kasalovic from the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government.

Employers associations have welcomed this move considering a mountain of regulation that employers have to know in order to operate in line with law.

“This will mean a lot to employers as the economic advisory office is something they have been waiting for years to be set up. The problem was that companies could not turn just to one place to get information they need and to communicate with state authorities”, says Aleksandar Vasic from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

The office will be located in Belgrade and will have two operators who will answer phone calls and reply to questions about inspection work.

(Nova Ekonomija, 22.01.2018)


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