Ecolux Recycling SEE to open a new factory in Pozarevac – 200 new jobs

After more than a year, preparations for the launch of production at the company Ecolux Recycling SEE, which has rented around 15,000 square metres of working space at the former Sugar Factory from the local authorities in the town of Pozarevac, have begun.

This is a Chinese-Belgian investment with more than EUR 5 million invested so far in the equipping of the factory for the recycling of non-hazardous plastic waste.

The CEO and one of the founders of Ecolux Recycling in Pozarevac, Yulin Wang, says that the company will produce recycled plastic granules and flakes.

“We recycle plastic. We buy material of certain quality here and import everything we can’t find here from Great Britain and Germany. Most of the products produced at our facilities are exported to Chine and Western Europe, and certain quantities are sold in the local market,” Mr Wang adds.

The company also plans to open a second recycling plant in Pozarevac.

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“We are adapting new production halls, where we will open another recycling company. It will be related to the automotive industry and we plan to employ around 60 people there. We expect the production of the so-called engineering plastic to start in March 2021,” he points out.

Engineering plastic is a group of materials with improved thermal and mechanical characteristics compared to regular consumer plastic. These materials are used in car bumpers and dashboards.

(Vecernje Novosti, 16.02.2020)



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