Easier employment for foreigners in Serbia

Serbian Labour Minister, Zoran Djordjevic has said that, according to the proposed changes and supplements to the Labour Law, employment of foreigners would be simplified in the future.

Djordjevic also said that that would also facilitate foreign investments in Serbia and added: “This law is a good signal that Serbia is on the path of accelerated growth and that foreign investors have a strong interest in investing in our country.”

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Furthermore, Djordjevic said that, since the implementation of the law in December 2014, the National Employment Service (NES) has issued or extended around 33,160 work permits.

Djordjevic noted that the new amendments are accompanied by amendments to the Law on Foreigners, which stipulate a simplified procedure of obtaining a temporary residence permit, whereas the regulations for obtaining visas for a longer stay are specified in more detail.

For example, while a foreigner is waiting to be issued a visa based on work engagement in Serbia and while still living abroad, their employer may conduct activities with the NES regarding the issuance of the work permit.

The amendments to the law also stipulate a single procedure regarding the NES extending the work permit. Also, it is up to the NES to obtain the required documents and everything else that is needed for the issuance of a work permit which, in general, also helps the employer with the activities related to the extension of the work permit.

(B92, 20.04.2019)


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