Easier banking services for Serbian citizens, new benefits for foreigners

Mihailo Jovanović, from the Office for Information Technologies and e-Administration, has revealed details about economic reforms in Serbia, at the 13th annual conference organized by NALED.

“The idea is to open the public administration to businesses and banks. We want to make the data generated by the public administration available to businesses and the banking sector, so that citizens can take a loan without having to go to a bank counter, putting their data at the disposal of banks,” Jovanović said.

As he added, there is also a programme for foreigners so that they can become e-citizens and use e-government services even before they arrive in Serbia.

“In a few weeks, we will finally launch the service of online payment, so people will no longer have to carry paperwork and proof of payment with them, but with a call to a special number, they will be able to use this new service – first, when it comes to their dealing with the Ministry of Interior and then with other institutional bodies,” Jovanović added.

(Mondo, 23.02.2021)



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