Ease of Doing Business List: Serbia’s Success Factors

Building permits and more efficient company registration procedure have pushed Serbia up on the Ease of Doing Business List. This is Serbia’s best ranking in the last 12 years, i.e. it occupies 43rd place among 190 countries – NALED says.

In terms of issuing building permits Serbia made it to the top 10 countries in the world, a jump of 36 positions, owing to shortening the issuance procedure and substantially cutting back on the related costs. Now, it takes only 5.5 days to set a company in Serbia, instead of 7 in the past, and the costs of founding a company are three times lower than before. This pushed Serbia up from 47th to 32nd position on the list.

Development of e-governance and e-services for companies would be crucial for further progress in the country, it was said at the second annual conference ‘Doing Business 2018: Strengthening Serbia’s Competitiveness’ which was organized by NALED with the help of USAID’s Business Enabling Project.

At the conference, the Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic said: „Since 2014, the Serbian government has been systematically working on improving the business climate in the country and creating conditions conducive to new investments. We have been progressing on the Ease of Doing Business List and have demonstrated that we are serious and committed to working on enabling better conditions for new investments which are the main driving force behind the country’s economic growth“.  

“In the last three years alone, Serbia has jumped from 186th place to 10th place in the world in regard to issuing building permits which is an incredible success. We are right to expect to make it to the top 10 countries in the world in terms of the time needed to set up a company electronically”, said Vladimir Novakovic from NALED.

According to Novakovic, based on NALED’s analysis, the government has been eliminating the need to use a company stamp in relation to 70 different regulatory acts. “We expect huge progress to be made in the way taxes are paid considering that we have been collaborating with the Ministry of Finance on e-filing of documents relating to property. Once we start using e-invoices and improve the VAT return system, which is something that NALED has been insisting on, we can make it to the very top of the Doing Business List”, Novakovic adds.

In comparison to the rankings of other Southeast European countries on the Doing Business List, Serbia is lagging behind Macedonia (11th place), Slovenia (37th), Kosovo (40th) and Montenegro (42nd), while we are ahead of Romania (45th), Hungary (48th), Bulgaria (50th), Croatia (51st), Albania (65th), Greece (67th) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (86th).

(Danas, 01.11.2017)



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