Early elections: Only 21% of Serbian voters in favour

Currently, only 21 percent of Serbian citizens support the idea of holding another early parliamentary election, shows a Faktor Plus poll.

At the same time, 43 percent are against the idea, while 36 percent said they “do not know” whether another snap election should be held.

Serbia is to hold regular presidential elections in 2017- yet only one third of respondents said they had any interest in this ballot – 12 percent have said “greatly,” 21 percent “partially,” while 27 percent said they were “indifferent.” 

Those “partially uninterested” in next year’s presidential election currently amount to 23 percent, while those “completely uninterested” are now at 17 percent. 

The Faktor Plus’ “political barometer” survey also asked about what Serbia’s future EU accession meant to the respondents. 

This multiple choice question got the following responses: 

  • Respecting order and the rule of law – 57 percent
  • Better living standard – 45 percent
  • Financial support to Serbia – 56 percent
  • Greater security – 18 percent
  • Respecting human and other rights – 21 percent
  • Loss of sovereignty – 38 percent
  • Deterioration of relations with Russia – 15 percent
  • Loss of Kosovo – 59 percent
  • Destruction of national economy – 26 percent
  • Loss of national identity – 38 percent
  • Betrayal of one’s country – 11 percent
  • Something else – 15 percent

(B92, 08.12.2016)


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