€50,000 for companies that contribute to positive and sustainable changes in the community

Serbian companies that contribute to sustainable and positive social and environmental changes, can participate in a 5-month sustainable business programme starting on 17th April, and receive professional support as well as investments of up to €50,000.

More information is available on Smart Kolektiv’s official website. The programme is intended for Serbian micro- and small enterprises, cooperatives and organisations that have been operating for at least two years, already generate revenue and wish to develop strategies for further growth, as well as secure funding for their activities.

The programme is run by the Smart Impakt Fund and is aimed at developing companies with a strong social and environmental impact in Serbia.

During the five-month programme, participants will work together with a team of experienced business mentors, entrepreneurs and investors on a business development strategy and preparation for impact investment in the country and abroad.

Companies with the greatest potential for further business development and having a positive impact on local communities will have the opportunity to apply for an innovative financial instrument – an interest-free loan of up to 50,000 euros.

This fund was initiated by Smart Kolektiv, a pioneer organisation in the field of social entrepreneurship and socially responsible business, with over 15 years of experience in supporting individuals, organisations and companies that contribute to sustainable development.

The programme dedicated to sustainable business is part of the five-year strategy of the Smart Impakt Fund. By 2024, the Fund will invest around half a million euros in initiatives and companies that contribute to sustainable and positive changes in their communities via this programme.

(Kamatica, 04.04.2022)


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