E-registration of real estate in land books now costs 24,000 dinars

Following the changes in which land books in Serbia are run, citizens no longer can register their real estate with the state cadastre by themselves but have to hire a professional (lawyer) to do that electronically. Registration in person is no longer possible, says the State Geodetic Institute (RGZ).

This is explained by the fact that electronic registration is much faster and more efficient. At the same time, the hired professionals are better equipped to check whether all the required documents for submission are in place.

Citizens will no longer be able to submit their requests at the cadastre counters, but this will be done via so-called digital counters. These counters can be accessed from any location, at any time and will be 4,000 of them available for document submission.

This will also prevent submission of forged documents as they are now transferred in digital format and lawyers are the ones that need to check their validity and legality.

Lawyer Marija Pešović says that that type of service costs 24,000 dinars on average. She also points out that the possibility of submitting registration documents via a lawyer has been around for some time and has proven to be a good solution.

“The submission and processing of cases are faster in this way than the traditional submission of requests in paper. Lawyers also check whether the registration documents are complete and correct. We have witnessed that the cadastre staff often fail to stick to legal deadlines, make mistakes at the expense of citizens and major omissions in their work. For this reason, any innovation that will make their job easier is a step forward. Digitization of state services is a necessity nowadays,” believes Marija Pešović and adds: “However, citizens can no longer directly communicate with the cadastre staff and are forced to higher professional help at a cost.”

(Danas, 08.11.2023)


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