E-registration of foreign workers malfunctions on the first day of its use

The application for electronic registration of foreign workers was officially launched yesterday, in line with the stipulations of the latest amendments to the Law on Employment of Foreigners. However, the service was not available during working hours.

To remind, amendments to the Law on Employment of Foreigners were passed by the National Parliament last July and one of them facilitates hiring of foreign workers through a single permit that is issued electronically. Usually, it took close to two months for this permit to be issued but that period is now shortened to 15 days.

As for the application itself, companies tried to use it yesterday but to no avail. “The application should be available at the e-governance site but we couldn’t find it there”, the users said.

This year, Serbia is expected to issue 80,000 work permits to foreign workers and migrants.

Until now, employers first point of contact was the National Employment Service (NSZ), which had to determine whether someone from the unemployment register could fill the required vacancy. The deadline for this was 10 days.

“The police had a deadline of 30 days for security checks and if everything checked out alright, the NSZ would issue a work permit to a foreigner. The entire procedure lasted about two months. Now, the deadline has been shortened to 15 days thanks to the issuance of the single work/residence permit”, the Serbian Union of Employers says.

When asked whether the applications for the issue of a single work/residence permit reached the NSZ, its director, Zoran Martinović, could not confirm whether the relevant application was operational. “The applications have not reached us yet. I believe they will start arriving during the day. The police are the first institution to process the work/residence permit requests, we are the second,” Martinović added.

(Forbes Serbia, 02.04.2024)


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