E-invoicing made business operations more complicated

The implementation of the Electronic Invoicing System (SEF) has complicated business operations and increased costs – companies, accountants and software developers who attended the conference “VAT records on SEF and the regulatory framework” agreed.  

Darko Majstorović, president of the Protector of Entrepreneurs and Business People of Serbia Association (ZPPS), said that since the implementation of the SEF, companies have mostly encountered the same problems.

“Several times we informed the Ministry of Finance of the problems in the functioning of the SEF, and I must say that the Ministry mostly understands our proposals, which they think are logical and justified from the point of view of the business community. But we haven’t moved progressed much from last year in terms of SEF implementation and fiscalization,” Majstorović added.

The conference participants also said that VAT records in Serbia should be simplified because they are one of the most complicated in the world.

Aleksandar Trifunović, president of the Managing Board of the ZPPS, highlighted the problem of duplicate records in SEF and added that the submission of VAT returns to the SEF by the 10th of the month should be cancelled as the official deadline for the submission of VAT returns is the 15th of the month.

Trifunović went on to say that the Ministry needs to find a solution how to digitalize delivery notes for goods because they are currently only available in paper and according to the law, now have to be attached to an e-invoice.

Also, it is necessary to solve problems with the status of received invoices and automatic rejection if they are not checked within the deadlines.

Izabela Balint Markov, executive director of Zrenjanin-based Employers’ Union (UPZ), said that there are companies that feel as if they have entered a digital maze when they access the electronic invoicing system.

“In this maze, we face a lot of complications instead of digitalization simplifying our business. Companies feel stuck and exhausted from using the SEF,” said Ms Balint Markov.

The conference participants sent a request to the relevant authorities to investigate who is responsible for devising such a complicated system and for the ongoing problems related to the use of the SEF to be resolved.

(Biznis i Finansije, 27.02.2024)


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