E-identification via mobile phones to be launched by summer

Director of the government’s Office for Information Technologies and Electronic Administration, Mihailo Jovanovic announced at the Kopaonik Business Forum tonight that electronic identification via mobile phones will be available probably as of summer this year.

“This year, we are definitely going to launch electronic identification that will facilitate dual-route communication for citizens and businesses on the e-government portals,” Jovanovic told Tanjug.

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Jovanovic, who took part in the panel “User experience and their protection – two sides of the medal” at the Kopaonik Business Forum, explained that this would enable the use of electronic administration services via a mobile phone.

He added that the Office would sign contracts with mobile services providers on mutual recognition of these user identifications, so that the users of Telekom, Telenor, VIP and commercial banks will be able to log in and use the services of electronic administration via their mobile phone.

He pointed out the results achieved by the e-government platform last year were excellent, particularly when it comes to business services.

“Automated certification of health insurance cards has also been introduced, so that all companies no longer need to go to the offices to extend health insurance for their employees”, said Jovanovic.

He also reminded about the abolition of the use of old-fashioned stamps / seal in business too.

“Then we have e-registration of seasonal workers. In the first two months since the launch, over 20,000 hours of work done by seasonal workers was registered on the platform, and this was in the winter. We dare not even imagine how useful this platform is going to be in the summer,” Jovanovic underlined.

He added that the Single Information System of Local Tax Administrations, which is a centralized database, contains information about the property tax debt of both individuals and legal entities.

He pointed out that, as of this year, legal entities could electronically submit their property tax filings, and that, as of March 1st, they can pay property tax online too.

(Vecernje Novosti, 05.03.2019)


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