E-grades now available in Serbian schools

More than 830 primary and secondary schools in Serbia have so far replaced the paper school grade register with electronic ones, but parents are still not able to access online their children’s grades, although it had been announced.

The pilot project e-Dnevnik (electronic grade register) was launched at the beginning of last school year when electronic records were introduced in 60 schools.

E-Dnevnik enables form teachers, other teachers and school principals to keep records of pupils in a fast, simple and reliable way, Tanjug reports.

In order to ensure greater objectivity, the idea is that all student grades can only be seen online by a form teacher and school principal and that other teachers can only see the grades related to their particular subject and not the grades given by their colleagues.

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The Ministry of Education says all schools now have all the prerequisites to start using e-Dnevnik. Currently, 831 out of 3,578 primary and secondary schools in Serbia use online grade register.

“According to the project’s plan, we will have conducted training of all school coordinators how to use e-Dnevnik by the end of 2018,” the ministry said.

Also, parents are supposed to be given passwords in order to access e-Dnevnik and see their children’s grades or absences.

Psychologists and educators have suggested that the parents should be able to see the grades two days after they have been given in order to give students the opportunity to tell their parents about their grades.

“The reason why parents still don’t have access to online grade registers is that we want to protect the sensitive personal data related to our children,” the ministry said.

(Nedeljnik, 29.10.2018)



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