E-archive service launched – New land registry now available online

The State Geodetic Authority (RGZ) has launched the eArchive service, a new app which helps people in Serbia, natural and legal persons, including attorneys, notaries public and companies to view and access documents from the database of the RGZ digital archive with a single click of a mouse and entirely free of charge.

This service provides a complete insight into the history and legal continuity of the ownership over real estate. That means that citizens will no longer need to physically go to the land register for information because all the required data will be available at notaries public.

This sort of access will also enable attorneys to do their job more efficiently, which will contribute to maintaining legal security in the real estate market.

In the first phase, data from the land register folios and land register records/main records are available. In the next phase, the RGA announces that it will expand the offer and enable access to other types of archival documentation as well, including authorization collections, archival plans and other types of documents.

In addition to digital access, one of the advantages of the new system is the possibility of picking up all the ordered documents stamped with a certified digital stamp, as well as electronic payment, which contributes to the efficiency, legal security and elimination of error risks.

The e-archive service, as well as other publicly available and free services, can be accessed by the citizens via the RGZ official website.

(Biznis i Finansije, 17.06.2023)


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