DW: “The EU should suspend accession negotiations with Serbia while Vucic is in power”

“Serbia is not a democracy and the EU accession negotiations should be suspended as long as Aleksandar Vučić is in power. He rules using the same methods as his mentor, Slobodan Milošević, i.e. brutally stifling the opposition and controlling the media and the judiciary,” says German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW).

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić “prefers to believe that foreign forces are behind the mass demonstrations, and thus spread conspiracy theories he learned from his mentor Slobodan Milošević, rather than admit that they are an expression of citizens’ dissatisfaction with his government,” commented DW.

“After a landslide victory in the elections, boycotted by the opposition, he now controls two-thirds of the seats in parliament, and cannot explain how “foreign agents” can control tens of thousands of people throughout Serbia. These are the same conspiracy theories that date back to the days of the ruling Yugoslav Communist Party,” DW goes on to say and adds:

“This technique was learned from his mentor, former President Slobodan Milošević, who went from being a communist to being a nationalist. Vučić also claims to be a democratic ruler and has adopted the methods of his predecessor to survive in power, suffocating the opposition, taking control of the media and also keeping the judiciary under control,” continues the analysis.

DW points out that Vučić responded to the protests by sending his henchmen, in plain clothes, who, contrary to what he said, beat men and women to the ground, as well as children; “The internal security forces have long been a disgrace to the Serbian state,” DW believes.

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“Serbia is not a democracy. And until it becomes one, it should not be considered a potential member of the European Union. The EU already has enough problems at home with autocratic leaders”.

DW also says that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has supported Vučić for far too long and that this behaviour may cast a shadow over her term in the office.

When Germany took over the EU presidency, Merkel heard empty words about the rule of law and democracy from Vučić. “However, words are not enough now. Action is needed. Serbia’s accession talks should be suspended as long as Vučić is in power. EU officials should call for an independent investigation into the brutal attacks on demonstrators. If Serbia refuses to cooperate, its ministers should be excluded from negotiations with the EU,” the German broadcaster concluded.

(Beta, Naslovi.net, 14.07.2020)





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