Dveri: Why doesn’t the government talk about the departure of foreign companies from Serbia?

Today, the Serbian political movement Dveri asked the government why they are hiding the number of foreign companies that have left Serbia, especially in the last few months.

“Not only have they left overnight, but they left debts in the amount several tens of millions of dinars, workers without jobs, and customers without goods that have been paid in advance,” Dveri said in a statement.

The Turkish company Simit Saraj was cited as an example.  The company left the debt of 15.2 million dinars after departing from Serbia, according to the data of the National Bank of Serbia.

“Just a month ago, the retail chain Home Plus did the same, leaving a debt of over 50 million dinars. And they are not the only ones. Before them, it was the Russian company Spilit, the German Servfood, Croatia’s Gold Exchange, Bulgaria’s Handy, Leonardo from Italy,” Dveri said in a statement.

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Dveri went on to say that “the government is mum about all this as if these companies took their liabilities with them and as if no workers lost their job.”

“This, on the one hand, only confirms the fact that the interest of foreign companies is much more important to this regime than the citizens of their own country, and on the other hand, that Serbia is not an economic tiger, but has become the country of cheap labour,” the press release concludes.

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