Dveri: Doing IVF with donated egg or sperm changes the nation’s genom

The Dveri Movement has shocked the political establishment and the public by saying that in vitro fertilization with donated material (egg or sperm) can change the genome of future generations of Serbs.

“If we know that during every fertilization, the genetic material of the father and the mother is mixed, the question arises of the genetic material imported from an unknown donor, which can affect the change in the genome of future generations,” Dveri said in a statement.

Prime Minister Ana Bnabić commented on the mentioned statement on her Twitter profile:

“Shame on you – the unfortunate people from Dveri, and the media that broadcast such nonsense without any critical review or comment, thereby directly promoting such attitudes,” wrote the Prime Minister, sharing the article published by Danas daily.

Former Defense Minister Dragan Šutanovac was also shocked by the statement of the Dveri movement, and he referred to the problem of violence against women in our society.

“If this is not fascism, I don’t know what is. In the first 10 months of this year, 25 women were killed in domestic violence, maybe the genome should be changed,” Šutanovac wrote.

The League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina also spoke out, saying that Dveri’s statement is classic racism and that that movement is spreading dangerous theses that the citizens of Europe felt firsthand during the Nazi madness in World War II.

 “These dangerous ideas, which ostensibly serve to protect the racial and national ‘purity’ of Serbs, serve and frighten citizens. We ask the Serbian Ministry of Health to react and refute these dangerous ideas. We have no message for the Dveri movement, just to read fewer articles by Nazi butcher Josef Mengele,” says LSV in a statement.

(021.rs, 27.11.2022)


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