Dutch-Macedonian company to build EUR 2mln logistics centre and greenhouse in Ruma

The Dutch-Macedonian joint venture, Gresto had a groundbreaking ceremony in Ruma marking the beginning of the construction of their logistics centre and a greenhouse.

According to the announcements, the facility should be finished by this summer. The investment, in its first phase, is worth EUR 2 million.

The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Branislav Nedimovic, the Mayor of Ruma, Sladjan Mancic, the representatives of Gresto, and the representatives of the Netherlands and North Macedonia embassies.

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“This is a classic example of the most up-to-date method of growing vegetables and a textbook example how the know-how in agriculture will be transferred from this point on, as well as how to cut expenses and have the product when nobody else does”, Nedimovic said at the ceremony.

Gresto is a logistics project, that was implemented as a result of 20 years of successful collaboration between the Netherlands’ KG Greenhouse BV and Macedonian partner Balkan Greenhouse, that are both the investors and Gresto’s owners.

Aside from the logistics centre in Ruma, a pilot greenhouse will also be built for training and presentation purposes.

“Horticentar Adria Group had a vision as far as five years ago to transfer what we do in the Netherlands to Serbia. By opening the logistics centre in Ruma, we are showing that this is an investment in the long run,” the co-owner and co-partner of Gresto d.o.o., Aleksandar Stojkov said.

(RTS, 16.01.2020)



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