Đukić Dejanović: Higher penalties for violence in schools in Serbia

According to the Minister of Education Slavica Đukić Dejanović, during the autumn session, the Parliament will adopt laws that foresee punitive measures for violence in schools, and the aim is to strengthen the educational function of schools.

“Among other things, these legal changes will enable behavioural grades of pupils to be included in the average grades at the end of the semester and at the end of the year from the second grade of elementary school, the reduction of the number of students in the class to a maximum of 28, and the possibility of removing students from classes for a minimum of five days in case of more serious violations of student obligations”, explained Đukić Dejanović.

On Friday 1st of September, 760,000 students will start the new school year, and among them are the students of elementary school “Vladislav Ribnikar”, since this decision was made in the agreement between experts and parents, said the Minister of Education. According to her, since May 3rd those students have been provided with continuous support, and most of them have overcome the trauma.

“The second group includes children who will be provided with counseling during the year – psycho-social support, but there are also children who will be referred to the health care system for treatment in order to solve post-traumatic stress disorder or other psychological instability”, said Đukić Dejanović.

The Minister said that the suggestion to schools is to make September 1st a day of dialogue between teachers and students, not only about school programs but also about emotions, values, human warmth and appreciation.


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