Due to Covid-19, people’s fear being laid off, increased corruption and unnecessary budget spending

Due to Covid-19, people are now more fearful of losing their jobs, family incomes have decreased, while corruption and unnecessary spending of budget money have increased, according to the results of a survey conducted by the Regional Information Agency JUGpress.

Survey participants point to the inequality in the distribution of money to citizens – their answers indicate that not everyone received money that suit their needs, as well as that some people were left out when various types of state aid were distributed. Also, survey participants considered it unfair to distribute state aid to companies, who, in any case, were in a much better position than workers.

A large number of respondents pointed to the misuse of public resources such as the activists of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) distributing state aid to pensioners and in that way spending taxpayers’ money promoting the party and adding to its popularity.

72.6 percent of the respondents answered “yes” to the question “Has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the misuse of public resources?”

When it comes to the question “Has the Covid-19 pandemic affected your life?”, 68.9 percent of respondents answered “yes”, with quite a few of them stating that they lost a family member to a more severe form of the coronavirus, got a chronic illness, lost their jobs or had their income reduced, reduced social contacts to a minimum, as a result of which some respondents became estranged from friends, and some experienced mental health issues.

There are quite a few answers indicating that a considerable number of respondents were unable to get medical treatment for their chronic diseases because a large part of the healthcare system was used to treat Covid patients.

A large number of respondents also stated that they felt isolated during the pandemic, that they missed travelling, and that their quality of life had significantly deteriorated compared to the time before the pandemic.

(Danas, 08.08.2022)


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