Dubai-based company bids for Novi Sad Port

The Arab company P&O Port from Dubai has submitted a bid for the purchase of the Port of Novi Sad, the only port still owned by the Serbian authorities.

As confirmed by the Port of Novi Sad, Aleksandar Milovancev, this is the only bid made so far.

“There’s still a possibility of someone sending a bid by mail”, Milovancev says.

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He says that only the Ministry of Economy had detailed information. The official opening of the bids will take place at the Ministry’s premises on Tuesday, March 5.

In 2016, P&O Ports was one of the 12 interested companies to send letters to the Ministry of Economy. In September 2018, the tendering procedure for the sale of the Port of Novi Sad at the price of EUR 15.98 million opened for the first time, but no one was interested.

The new tendering procedure opened on December 12, 2018, and the price was halved to EUR 7.99 million. Due to the lack of interested purchasers, this public call was extended three times.

The Ministry of Economy has not yet come out with information about the bid. 

(N1, 01.03.2017)


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