DSS leaves the coalition with Vucic’s SNS

At its presidency session, the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) has decided to leave all the coalitions it had forged with the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) at the local level – the DSS President, Milos Jovanovic announces.

Jovanovic told a news conference in Belgrade on Monday that his party was leaving the coalitions with the SNS in 14 municipalities, but could not specify how many local self-governments led by the SNS would in fact be forced out of power due to the breakdown of the alliance. 

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As Jovanovic said, the decision to terminate the coalition with the SNS was made because that party “went into high treason, that is, the surrender of Kosovo and Metohija.” 

He said the DSS always made a distinction between local and national politics, but that this can only work “under normal political circumstances” – which no longer exist. 

The DSS leader added that the decision “has nothing to do with the possibility of the party joining the opposition Alliance for Serbia.” 

“In the fall, we will decide how to stop this madness in the best way. If that’s the Alliance, then it will be the Alliance, if it’s something else then it will be something else,” stressed Jovanovic. 

He said that the internal dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija launched by SNS leader and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was a “farce” that served to “prepare the ground for capitulation and betrayal of the country” – and criticized Vucic’s recent statements, which he said are scandalous and offensive. 

Jovanovic recalled that Vucic said that “every Serb knows that Kosovo is lost,” that the president “expressed his hope” that a legally binding agreement with Pristina will be signed, saying also that UN Security Council Resolution 1244 “does not speak of Serbia.” 

President of the DSS Political Council, Milos Kovic told reporters today that “all masks have fallen” and that going against the Constitution and the law, and international legal acts, Vucic and his associates are entering the realm of “high treason.”

In response, the SNS deputy president and director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Marko Djuric said the following:”The DSS hopes that the people of Serbia forgot that they were the main culprits for breaking up the state, and that their doing nothing while in power led to the separation of Montenegro from Serbia, and Pristina gaining key support from the international community for unilaterally proclaiming Kosovo’s independence,” said SNS deputy and director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Marko Djuric.

(Nedeljnik, B92, 06.08.2018)




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