DS, SDS and SzS decide to boycott the upcoming election

The Democratic Party (DS), the Social Democratic Party (SDS) and the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) have decided in today’s constituent session to boycott the next election.

The three parties will continue to actively and permanently fight for establishing conditions for free and fair elections, as well as communicate with the European Parliament, international organizations and representatives in the fight for democratic electoral conditions.

SDS president Boris Tadic said he had been in favour of the boycott for more than a year, while the head of the Alliance for Serbia, Nebojsa Zelenovic said they have decided to boycott because their request to replace all members of the State Regulatory Authority of the State Media all by September 15 was not met.

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“Since there are no elementary conditions for free and fair elections in place, the government did not meet any of the joint opposition demands and did not accept any of the proposals by a group of independent experts, nor did it show any sincere intention for substantive changes to the circumstances in which elections are impossible, the Democratic Party will not participate in the elections,” the main committee of the Democratic Party decided.

He said that the regime uses “an intense media campaign” which often turns into “usurpation of institutions and suspension of rights” and leaves no room for any other response than a boycott.

“It depends on the DS whether the elections will be fair and free (…) This is not a decision that was made yesterday or today, this is a decision that has been developing for a year,” Lutovac said, urging members to vote in favour of boycotting the election and “making a decision proving that they put the public, general interests above their individual ones”.

In addition to the Democratic Party president, Zoran Lutovac, 194 members of the main committee attended the session, including Dragan Sutanovac, Balsa Bozovic, Gorica Mojovic, Goran Jesic, Slobodan Milosavljevic and Vida Ognjenovic.

(RTV, 14.09.2019)



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