Drivers returned from border because of unpaid fines

If you are going to drive out of Serbia, it would be better to make sure beforehand that you have paid all the fines that you were supposed to, because, by law, if you have not paid them, you cannot obtain or renew certain documents, driver’s license or car insurance, and in some cases, Serbian border police might not let you cross the border.

Six months ago, Serbian authorities made the Registry of Unpaid Fines, which has all the details about persons that still have to settle various fines.

Srđan Karić was in for a rude awakening when he went to have his car serviced and discovered that he had unpaid speeding fines. “I moved to another address which was not registered in the system. The traffic fines were sent to my old address, I didn’t see them and hence could not pay them. When the time came to insure my car, I was not allowed to,” Karić says.

It often happens that drivers are unpleasantly surprised when they are told that they cannot register their vehicles because of unpaid fines. “We are talking about parking and speeding fines, or fines for any kind of a traffic violation,”  for improper parking, speeding and any traffic violation; if that happens, you have to go to MUP first and then finish the paperwork,” explains Zivko Markovic, from Vehicle Registration Agency.

Entire families, travelling by car, have been sent back from border crossings because of unpaid fines of several thousand dinars. One of the reasons for this is that the police and the Parking Servis Company did not stuck the fine on the windshield,  but rather sent it to the home address of the car owner.

Regardless of the way the fine was handed over to you, the fine comes into force 15 days after it was delivered to you. If you decide to pay it within eight days, the fine is halved.  You can check whether you have unpaid fines on the Ministry of Justice’s website (click on the Register of Unpaid Fines).

Or you can go to the Belgrade Magistrate’s Court and check in person.

(Mondo, 16.03.2022)


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