DRI:”39 billion dinars missing from the state budget”

The final version of Serbia’s 2019 budget does not show any cash funds, precious metal reserves, securities in the amount of at least about 20 billion dinars and liabilities in excess of 19 billion dinars, the State Audit Institution (DRI) has established.

In addition to this irregularity, no revenues and income amounting to at least 4 billion dinars were reported, i.e. no expenses for the acquisition of non-financial assets amounting to more than 7 billion dinars and expenses for the acquisition of non-financial assets amounting to at least 1 billion dinars were reported.

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Eighty-nine project activities have been reported but have not been implemented and the relevant expenses and revenues of at least 6 billion dinars have not been included in the budget report for 2019, the DRI warns.

The DRI President, Dusko Pejovic, presented the report to the Parliamentary Committee on Finance, Budget of the Republic and Control of Public Spending Funds yesterday.

(Nova, 03.12.2020)


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