DRI finds irregularities in financial operations of RTS

The State Audit Institution (DRI) has found irregularities in the 2018 balance sheet of Radio and Television Serbia (RTS), the biggest public broadcaster in Serbia, with one of the irregularities being one RTS failing to report on the revenues in the amount of some 28.4 billion Dinars.

The DRI report also stated that expenses for the acquisition of non-financial property of at least 4.5 billion dinars were not reported. Furthermore, the expenditure on the acquisition of non-financial assets amounting to at least 3.7 billion dinars was also omitted from the 2018 balance sheet.

“In the process of determining the RTS’ financial results in 2018, DRI discovered that at least 16.9 billion dinars and expenses of at least 821.6 million dinars were not reported,” the Institution said.

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The report further stated that, among other irregularities, some managing of the financial area was done improperly. Also, the data on received donations registered by the Treasury Administration did not cover all donations.

The company purchased goods and services worth at least 72.92 million dinars, excluding VAT, without conducting a public procurement procedure, although there were no grounds for exemption from the implementation of the Public Procurement Act.

Furthermore, DRI found irregularities in the procurement worth at least 439.89 million dinars, in billing and paying the wages, as well as in profit distribution and the payment.

“RTS has raised wages based on shift work as a new element contrary to the law and allocated 29 million dinars for that in 2018,” the DRI report said.

It adds that RTS hasn’t paid tax on at least 50 per cent of its profit reported in the 2017 balance sheet, to the amount of 767.89 million dinars. Neither has it obtained the Government’s approval to cover the previous losses from the 2017 profit as obliged by the Law on Serbia’s Budget for 2018.    

(Danas, 02.10.2019)







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