Drčelić: ‘The conflict between the Vučić and Stefanović families will be resolved through a compromise’

Zora Drčelić, a journalist for the weekly Vreme, said that it is obvious that there is a conflict between the Vučić family and Defence Minister Nebojša Stefanović, but that the problem will be solved through a compromise.

She also told Beta news agency that the President of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vučić, makes all decisions in the family together with his brother and father, and that the party he belongs to only serves to direct family affairs.

“Now there is a big fuss being made for Stefanović to be removed from his position as chairman of the Belgrade branch of the SNS. However, this is the least that can be taken away from him as he has many functions. Public opinion is under the impression that Stefanović is being ‘decapitated’ because he is being taken off the municipal council, but he has never shown any interest in that position anyway,” Drčelić said.

She went on to say that clandestine sessions are held in the municipal branches of the SNS party, at which the performance of various party officials is allegedly being evaluated.

“Only Aleksandar Vučić decides on everything. So far, we have learned that some internal SNS committees express mistrust towards Nebojša Stefanović and Zlatibor Lončar. Do they risk expulsion from the party? I think it’s all a big farce,” said the journalist.

Asked by Beta news agency to comment on MP Vladimir Đukanović’s proposal for the entire Belgrade city council led by Nebojsa Stefanović to be replaced, Drčelić said that Đukanović has shown up as Vučić’s spokesman on several occasions.

Drčelić underlines that the SNS leadership is not satisfied with the work and results of the local branch in Belgrade:

“Aleksandar Šapić’s involvement in the SNS will not strengthen the party, but will start a showdown with the SNS board members who are under the control of Nebojša Stefanović, and at the same time, serve to mask the damage done to the party by Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić.”

Asked when Nebojša Stefanović became a big problem for Aleksandar Vučić and the SNS, Drčelić said that the key moment was the discovery of the marijuana plantation in Jovanjica.

“At the time, as interior ministeer, Nebojša Stefanović denied that the owner of the marijuana plantation, Predrag Koluvija, had called Andrej Vučić during the arrest, pointing out that Andrej and Koluvija had not been in touch for six months. On that very occasion, one would say, the ‘break’ between the top SNS officials was made official. At the same time, this conflict is continually being mystified. President Vučić is quite sensitive when it comes to members of his family, and it seems he cannot forgive Stefanović for this either,’ Drčelić concluded.

(Danas, 17.05.2021)


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