Dragan Markovic Palma questioned by the Jagodina police

The controversial Serbian politician and mayor of Jagodina, Dragan Marković, nicknamed “Palma”, said he gave a statement to the Jagodina police in an effort to defend himself against “false accusations” of inducing girls and underage girls into prostitution during “parties” in Končarevo and Jagodina, without clarifying whether he did so at the request of the prosecution or at his own discretion.

In a written statement, Dragan Marković also said he had made a statement regarding the accusations made by Branislav Radosavljević, a “protected witness”, Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) vice-president, Marinika Tepić, and People’s Party vice-president, Sanda Rašković-Ivić.

“These are all false accusations, fantasies, and I have denied everything and provided valid arguments. The latest lie told by Marinika Tepić is that the mobile phone containing the photos of the naked girls belongs to an associate of mine. However, the woman whose mobile phone was seized by the police is a member of an opposition party,” said Marković.

He said that the woman whose phone contained photos of naked girls “threatened Biserka Jakovljević, director of the Social Welfare Centre in Jagodina, during last year’s election campaign, that she will publish photos of her naked underage daughter “.

“Biserka Jakovljević immediately denounced the whole case, when it happened last year, and the police arrested the woman, who is a member of an opposition group, as well as seized her mobile phone which did contain the photos of Jakovljević’s underage daughter,” said Marković.

Marinika Tepić said, at a press conference, that Palma’s associates had photos of underage girls in their phones, that she was “shocked” that the minor’s identity was revealed in this way, and announced that she would go to the Jagodina police again today.

(N1, 13.05.2021)



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