Dragan Markovic ‘Palma’ investigated for incitement to prostitution

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Jagodina decided to launch an investigation based on Marinika Tepić’s allegations against the mayor of Jagodina and leader of the Jedinstvena Srbija party Dragan Marković Palma, as well as a number of other persons, guilty of inducing prostitution.

Markovic himself then submitted a request to ascertain all the circumstances surrounding the charges brought up by Marinika Tepic.

Prosecutor General Radoslav Vuckovic confirmed that the police have been instructed to collect all necessary information, after which it will be investigated whether the deed has been done.

The vice-president of the Freedom and Justice Party, Marinika Tepic, accused Markovic, as well as several other prominent politicians and businessmen, of soliciting women and underage girls in Jagodina for prostitution. During the press conference, a recording was broadcast of the alleged testimony of a man, whose identity was protected and face was blurred, who claims to have been hired for the purpose of acquiring women for Palma and other suspects.

In response, Markovic held a press conference in which he called the whole case a fabrication, claiming that the statements against him are “lies”. “For this reason, someone has to go to prison, either Marinika Tepic or me. Marinika Tepic has to prove everything,” Markovic said.

Parties, NGOs and politicians are urging officials to immediately investigate allegations of aiding and abetting prostitution of underage girls and women in Jagodina and the alleged involvement of Dragan Markovic and other senior officials.

(RTS, 20.04.2021)


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