Dragan Djilas to form a political party on April 19th

One of the leaders of the opposition bloc Alliance for Serbia, Dragan Djilas has confirmed that he would form a new political party on April 19th, which coincides with the day when Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is holding a rally in Belgrade.

The party will be called the Party for Freedom and Justice (Stranka Slobode i Prava) – the website Nova Politicka Misao reported.

Djilas, an ex-leader of the opposition Democratic Party (DS) and former Mayor of Belgrade, who left the DS and stayed out of politics for a while, was one of the very few leaders of the Alliance for Serbia that did not form his own party.  

Together with other opposition leaders, he regularly takes part in the #1in5 Million civil protests in Belgrade which started last December but told the Nasa TV that the politicians did not take away the demonstrations from the organizers.

However, he added, they had to be at the helm of protest in case “something bad happens, then someone has to take responsibility for it and that’s what we are going to do”, Djilas was quoted as saying. He added that the opposition expected people from 100 towns and villages in Serbia to come to the April 13 rally in Belgrade, including the ones from Kosovo.

“We live in a country where one man generates violence, aggression and hatred. Vucic would love to have a war with someone, so he can push the topic of Kosovo aside. Since he does not have anyone to start a war with, he is trying to generate some kind of civil war in Serbia, and to have clashes between groups of people who think differently,” Djilas said.

The opposition bloc gave Aleksandar Vucic and the Serbian government a 30-day deadline to step down or face massive protest in the capital. The deadline expires on Friday, April 12th.

(Danas, 11.04.2019)






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