Draft agreement on electoral terms presented to opposition parties

At the 12th meeting of the working group for inter-party dialogue without the mediation of foreign parties, representatives of the governing coalition presented the opposition parties with the draft agreement on changes to the electoral conditions. The representatives of the opposition parties have until Monday to submit their objections, then the final draft should have been completed by the end of next week.

The meeting was attended by Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia Ivica Dačić, deputy head of the SNS parliamentary group, Vladimir Orlić, leader of the opposition movement Dveri, Boško Obradović, deputy chairman of the Serbian Radical Party, Aleksandar Šešelj, the president of the Zavetnici political party, Milica Djurdjević Stamenkovski, the POKS president, Žika Gojković, a Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) representative, Dejan Šulkić, the Dosta je Bilo movement leader, Saša Radulović and the Zdrava Srbija president, Milan Stamatović.

Dejan Šulkić of the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) told reporters after the meeting that the agreement presented to the opposition is in line with what was wanted and will result to some kind of an agreement between the government and the opposition. “There are still some issues that have not been harmonised with us. The next meeting will be held on Friday and we expect that we could reach a final agreement then,” Šulkić said.

He added that the presidential elections and the elections for members of the Belgrade City Assembly will be held between 3 and 17 April next year.

Dveri leader Boško Obradović said that the first impressions after the first reading of the proposal are that the government is ready to meet the opposition’s demands on less important issues, while the key issues, he says, are not well defined in the agreement.

“I am referring, first and foremost, to media freedom, which is not properly resolved by this agreement, then there is voter pressure, election campaign and what is most important for us, exercising proper supervision over the whole election and pre-election process. If that is properly regulated by the agreement, than the opposition will have been able to supervise the elections after this agreement is signed,” he added.

Representatives of the opposition parties have until Monday to submit their objections to the draft agreement,

(RTS, 02.09.2021)


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