Dr Nestorovic:”Hospitals are full of people who are falsely positive”

Pulmonologist and a former member of the government’s Crisis Unit, Dr Branimir Nestorović has once again shocked the public in Serbia, this time claiming that a large number of people who are hospitalized with a mild clinical picture are actually false positives.

“The test…What does the test mean? The test doesn’t mean anything. A huge number of people with a mild clinical picture are hospitalized. No wonder hospitals and health clinics are overcrowded. December is usually the season of respiratory viruses,” Dr Nestorović said.

He also pointed out that it is unusual for the third wave of the coronavirus outbreak to be the strongest, but that the mortality rate is still low in relation to the number of people infected and that autopsies performed around the world have shown that the most common cause of death in patients with coronavirus is blood clotting, not pneumonia.

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“In my personal opinion, if a young person dies and has tested positive (to coronavirus), we need to know what they died of. It’s not enough for me to say he died from the coronavirus,” he said.

Dr Nestorovic also referred to forced hospitalization in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“If you are tested positive, they put you in the hospital even if you don’t want to go. We have violated all principles of ethics in dealing with this virus, which mortality rate is currently less than 0.1% worldwide, slightly more than that of seasonal influenza. The WHO says people will not be able to attend sports games and concerts for another two years, at least. The UK government will pass a law whereby you won’t be able to visit your partner at their home unless you’re married. I can’t figure it out. There have been outbreaks of plague, cholera, serious diseases…I don’t understand why people are afraid, there’s no reason to be afraid. Every disease has its own mortality rate,” Dr Nestorovic adds.

“The World Health Organization is constantly confusing people. First, they say the virus is deadly, and now they say that the mortality rate is very low. Then it says it’s an asymptomatic disease, so it forces healthy people to wear masks, then it says it doesn’t make sense to lock up, while all countries lock up. This creates great confusion,” Nestorovic concluded.

(Pravda, 10.12.2020)




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