Dr Nestorovic: “We will close shopping malls and bars if the number of infected persons starts to grow again”

“Face masks and gloves must be worn indoors, social distancing must be respected and we must continue to avoid greetings, hugs and kisses that are typical greeting gestures here”, says Dr. Branimir Nestorović.

A few days ago, members of the Crisis Team announced the possibility of reinstating certain restrictions if the number of infected people in relation to the number of tests increases above 2% (yesterday it was 2.16%) and even more radical measures are not excluded.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić has scheduled an urgent meeting of the Crisis Team for today.

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“We must not allow the number of infected people to exceed 5% in relation to the number of those tested. In that case, we would revert to the old state and annul everything we have achieved so far. As soon as the measures were loosened, people took that as the epidemic was over,” Nestorovic added.

“Everyone acts as if nothing had happened, as if there was no state of emergency a few weeks ago. New outbreaks are appearing… For now, everything is under control, but we must not allow new growth in the number of infected people. If their percentage increases significantly, I think that some restrictive measures will be reintroduced,” said Prof. Branislav Nestorović.

“First of all, I am referring to mandatory wearing of face masks and all those people who refuse to wear them will be fined. Bars and shopping malls will also be closed again. We must be responsible as a society, but also as individuals. We must wear face masks and gloves and adhere to social distancing,” Dr Nestorović concluded.

(Mondo, 19.05.2020)


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