Dr Jovanovic: “We can start planning for summer vacation”

Virologist Tanja Jovanović said that there will be a significant drop in the number of infected people if mass immunization against COVID-19 is continued and epidemiological measures are adhered to.

“The coronavirus has taught us that it is difficult to make long-term predictions, but I am sure that the situation will be much calmer this summer and we will be able to go on vacation,” Jovanovic told the Politika daily.

The deputy dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade also underlined that mass vaccination is very important to limit the circulation of the virus in the population and prevent further mutations of the virus.

As she explained, “it is important for collective immunity that at least 70% of the population is immune to infection, regardless of whether they have acquired immunity naturally or artificially (through vaccination).”

“The most important thing would be for as many people as possible to be vaccinated and for collective immunity to be above this percentage,” Dr Jovanović concluded.

(Danas, 04.02.2021)




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