Dr Đerlek: “The state will do everything so that citizens can travel, regardless of the vaccine received”

The shocking proposal from Brussels that so-called COVID passports will be valid only for people who were inoculated with the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), has worried many Serbian citizens who have been inoculated with the Chinese or Russian vaccine.

However, Dr Mirsad Đerlek says that there is no reason to worry because if such a decision is made, the state will do everything necessary so that citizens can still travel, regardless of the vaccine received.

“What will happen if all EU member states agree with such a proposal on March 17? I don’t think they will be so strict, because, above all, the EU, for economic reasons, will not give up tourists from Russia and China. Even if this is approved, it is very likely that it will be reviewed by June, so both Chinese and Russian vaccines will be covered by COVID passport,” Dr Đerlek says and adds that to make such a decision would be something contrary to European values, because then entail breaching basic human rights, such as the right to move and choose.

Even if this were to happen, the state is ready to enable fast PCR testing or, if necessary, other types of tests, so our citizens will get results in an hour or two and be able to travel. Dr. Đerlek also says that everything will be done to enable travel, but preserving the health of the citizens remains the no 1 priority.

“Our citizens will not be denied travel, but our goal is primarily to protect people’s health. We must be healthy in order to travel. We must continue with mass vaccination. We hope that, by the end of June, we will have been able to revaccinate 2.5 million people, and if we add to that those who have developed immunity because they were infected, then that would mean that we are close to reaching collective immunity and then we can think about going on a holiday,” he concludes.

(Kurir, 14.03.2021)



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