Dojcinovic: There are four criminal groups whose tentacles reach all the way to the government

“It is a natural thing for organized crime to be connected to the authorities somehow,” criminologist Dobrivoje Radovanovic says, while KRIK’s editor-in-chief, Stevan Dojcinovic claims that there are four criminal groups whose ‘tentacles’ are going all the way to the government, he adds that, in order to fight crime, the people in power first need to replace individuals who are proven to be associated with crime.

According to Radovanovic’s interpretation, it is important for a country to eliminate crime to that degree that it is no longer able to control the state institutions – the government, the judiciary and the state administration.

“If we manage to reach that level, that’s a situation that we can live with. If we do not reach that level, we will continue being subjugated to organized crime,” warned Radovanovic in one of the Kvaka 23 series of interviews.

Commenting on the interview that the former head of the Criminal Police Directorate (KPU) Rodoljub Milovic gave for NIN magazine and KRIK, and his claim about the connections between Minister Zlatibor Loncar and criminal circles, Radovanovic noted that if that was proven true, the government should not only demand the resignation of the minister but also the resignation of the Prime Minister.

“We have been hearing the charges at the account of Loncar for years now,” said Radovanovic, who presumes that “the state has already done its job even before these charges were made and that they did not find any material evidence to corroborate Loncar’s involvement with criminal groups.”

He noted that politicians and journalists are very flippant with accusations, while the judiciary must seek the facts on the basis of which it will pass a prison sentence or free an accused person. Back in the day, these accusations were made by people who were out of the reach of the law, but this time around they come from the former Chief of the Criminal Police, Radovanovic said.

“We are talking about the second most powerful man in the police hierarchy and his statement cannot be ignored just like that. Authorities are doing themselves no favours if they keep silent about this matter,” Radovanovic said and added that the government should at least issue a statement saying that the Prosecutor’s Office would investigate.

“Aleksandar Vucic and Ana Brnabic will not benefit from keeping him (Loncar) in the government, and they are aware of that, but he has a certain power and eliminating him from the government will not be that easy,” he said for FoNet.

Apart from Loncar, there have been allegations that Ivica Dacic’s cabinet is also linked to organized crime, because of the connections with organized crime boss Darko Saric, president Vucic’s brother Andrej, a controversial businessman from North Kosovo Zvonko Veselinovic, and the organized crime group led by a man nicknamed Sale Mutavi.

“We do not have an independent prosecution or someone who could instigate it. The top politicians are expected to do that, but they are already trapped in the allegations about their connections to organized crime, and they are stuck in a situation that they cannot come out of,” Dojcinovic believes.

He points out that during the Sablja police campaign, one of the strongest organized crime organizations, the so-called Zemun Clan was broken into pieces. However, the clan is still active and there are still people from this organized group who work even for the State Security Agency, Dojcinovic adds.

Dojcinovic says that Milovic’s testimony will encourage others who know a lot to speak publicly and eliminate the atmosphere of fear.

(Danas, 30.06.2019)

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