Dog Festival in Belgrade

A dog festival called “Street Dogs – Festival of Dogs of All Breeds” will be held in the heart of Belgrade, on Kalemegdan, from June 16 to 18.

This year, this highly entertaining, but also educational festival will focus on animal adoption. Last year, 20 dogs and 4 cats were adopted and the Festival welcomed over 20,000 visitors, both dog and cat lovers.

This year’s festival will have training grounds, as well as feature dog handling and grooming advice, kennels, animal food producers, pet shops, veterinarians, dog shelters, dog trainers, dog groomers, etc.

Animal Rescue Serbia will give presentations as part of the MEWOW WOOF EXPERT project, the main goal of which is to make our children safer when encountering dogs on the street, as well as hold the Temptation competition, in which all dogs and their owners can participate. This competition will test dog owners on how obedient their dogs are and how good of a connection dogs and their owners have.

(City Magazine, 01.06.2023)

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