Djordjevic: Claims made by Kaizen, Yura and Geox workers are just assumptions and guesswork

Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Minister, Zoran Djordjevic, said today that the workers’ rights were sacred to him, but that the claims of workers from Kaizen, Yura and Geox were just assumptions and guesswork.

 Djordjevic also said that the inspectors did come to the Turkish textile plant Kaizen in Smederevo and that that case was solved.

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“Have you been there? Our inspector has and he says that the conditions are not bad”, Djordjevic said in response to the question of a journalist in Belgrade. He also added that Kaizen was penalized.

He did not go into the details of the case, and as the media have recently reported, the inspection did examine the problems that the workers had pointed out, but only found out that a cleaning lady was not professionally trained for the job and did not have adequate equipment for work.

“Of course, such things must not happen, we must not allow violation of workers’ rights and it is our duty to work on prevention,” Djordjevic said.

He said that his ministry does not distinguish between private and state, domestic and foreign companies, and that law should be respected in all cases.

“As a minister, I am obliged to fight for labour rights and these rights are sacred for me. Nobody is privileged, nor will be privileged and both employers and workers have to adhere to the law equally”, Djordjevic underlined.

He also said that it was the duty of the state to create a better business environment, that workforce disenfranchised when attracting foreign investments.

“It is important for us, as a country, to improve on a daily basis, and it is our obligation to create better conditions. We are also urging employers to pay out higher salaries”, Djordjevic concluded.

(, Beta, 05.06.2018)


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