Djilas:”Serbia is transforming into a colony because the state is selling everything it owns”

Dragan Djilas, president of the Party for Freedom and Justice (SPP), said yesterday that by selling Komercijalna Banka, the Serbian state continues to sell everything it owns, adding that Serbia has been turned into a colony.

“How is it possible to sell a bank whose net worth is 613 million euro for only 450 million euro? This bank made a net profit of 75 million euro last year, has 512 million euro in cash and 1.2 billion euro in securities and which shares were bought back at a much higher price last year?” asked Djilas.

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He also said that because state ownership in the banking sector is only 5% of the total banking assets, while in the Netherlands it is over 20% and in Germany up to 30%, the domestic banking sector will be further vulnerable when a new financial crisis strikes.

“Vucic and his regime have sold PKB, that is 32,000 hectares of fertile land to foreigners, Galenika and RTB Bor which has huge mineral resources. They have taken billions of euros worth of loans from China, Russia and. And today, in agreement with the IMF, they have sold the only serious national bank. The sale of Komercijalna Banka is just a continuation of the sale of all state-owned assets which will turn Serbia into a colony,” added Djilas.

(Danas, 26.02.2020)

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