Djilas: ‘We will win Belgrade election’

The president of the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), Dragan Djilas, said there was no chance that the current Belgrade administration would win the next municipal elections, announced for spring 2022.

“If the next election in Belgrade is, at least, somewhat fair and honest, with some media freedom and less pressure on people to vote, this regime has no chance of winning. People talk about Belgrade as a great opportunity for the opposition. In Belgrade, it is quite clear who’s a winning majority,” Djilas told his party’s meeting in Valjevo.

Djilas said that the SSP’s position is that the next presidential and municipal elections in Belgrade, as well as the early parliamentary elections, can take place on the same day, and that, as far as he is concerned, every single SNS electoral list can bear Aleksandar Vucic’s name.

“We are not worried about anything. The majority is against Vucic and we will win these elections. The win would not only lead to changes in the Belgrade government but also life in the city,” Djilas underlined.

(Nedeljnik, 11.07.2021)

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