Djilas: We were offered to join SNS but we refused

The leaders of the newly formed opposition alliance called “Alliance for Serbia” presented their 30-point programme at the Sabac theatre, as well as replied to the questions from the audience.

When asked how different parties, like the Serbia Left and Dveri, had managed to agree on the main points, Borko Stefanovic replied that there had to be consensus among the parties that made the Alliance about the important issues that affect the daily life of the Serbian citizens.

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When questioned why he insisted on unifying the opposition, Dragan Djilas responded that the parties assembled in the Alliance “were all offered to join the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS)”,   but they refused because they understood that Serbia was regressing under the Progressives and that that should change.

“That’s why we got together, not because we want to replace Vucic but because we want to change Serbia, aware that we have to change ourselves first,” Djilas said.

Speaking about the Alliance’s position of on Kosovo and Metohija, President of the People’s Party, Vuk Jeremić underlined that by agreeing to Kosovo becoming an UN member would be a defeat which would mean permanently renouncing not only territories, but also the ability to care for people, Serbian religious heritage, property and natural resources in Kosovo.

“We are committed to continuing the dialogue under the auspices of the UNSCR 1244. What Vucic is doing at the moment is not a compromise, but capitulation, which can only encourage new territorial claims towards Serbia”, warned Jeremic.

The president of the Dveri Movement, Bosko Obradovic added that we, in a time when we were getting poorer, becoming cheap labour and our children were emigrating,  it was no longer important who belongs to the political left and who to the right, but rather it was important who wanted to have a normal Serbia.

He added that all the founders of the Alliance would keep their political programme and autonomy in their work, saying that Serbia “needs a new political scene” and that the new scene was created the moment the Alliance was established.

In answer to the question about the Alliance’s position on Serbia’s accession to the EU, President of the Democratic Party, Zoran Lutovac pointed out that the goal of the Alliance was to make Serbia a state with the strong rule of law, media freedom and an independent judiciary, and that such Serbia would then be much closer to the EU in values and institutional sense.

“The European Union is mentioned in all 30 points of our programme. We have put together our goals which are common goals are valid in the EU. If we achieve these goals, we will have a normal, orderly, democratic Serbia, where such Alliance would not be needed but where everybody would be free to implement their political programmes. They say that Vucic took our policies. No, he took our rhetoric!” said Lutovac.

President of Zdrava Srbija, Milan Stamatovic spoke about decentralization and the need for municipalities to have more authority, while the President of Pokret za Preokret, Janko Veselinovic explained the Alliance’s position regarding creating conditions for fair elections, and that the Alliance must fight to be given a chance to present its programme at public broadcasters such as RTS and RTV.

When an audience member said that the rhetoric used at the meeting was fine and good, but that the most important issue was how people live and in what kind of conditions they were working in, President of the Sloga Association of Trade Unions of Serbia, Zeljko Veselinovic said that that was exactly what the Alliance has been doing and that one of the points, in the 30-point-programme, was the adoption of the new Labour Law.

(Danas, 01.08.2018)


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