Djilas: We want to talk to government but not to Vucic, he is irrelevant

One of the leaders of the Alliance for Serbia, Dragan Djilas, told N1 that the dialogue between the government and the opposition was necessary in order to reduce tensions, aggression and hatred in the Serbian society.

According to him, the opposition wants dialogue with representatives of institutions, and not with President Aleksandar Vucic, who, as he pointed out, is not a person in charge of dealing with the opposition’s demands.

Djilas also said that Serbia was a divided society, adding that the division was coming from the president of the Republic, Aleksandar Vucic.

Dialogue is needed in order to reduce tensions, hatred and aggression in society, Djilas said, pointing out that the Alliance for Serbia wanted to have a dialogue with the institutions, and not with Vucic.

“Vucic is irrelevant. He lives in a bubble that he created and he behaves accordingly”, Djilas pointed out and added that Vucic had stepped out of his presidential powers.

When asked to explain with whom the opposition institutions would like to have a dialogue, Djilas said the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, which is in charge of the issues related to the Electoral Roll, and he also mentioned Radio & Television of Serbia (RTS) and the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) that ought to give equal treatment to all political stakeholders.

Djilas, however, doesn’t have high hopes for this dialogue, even if it ever took place, because the institutions, as he said, were ruined and under the influence of the executive powers.

“Everything is linked here: power, institutions, tabloids – it’s all the same thing. But we want to respect the rules as an indication of what country we would like to have,” he added.

Protests in front of PINK TV on April 6

Replying to the question about the ongoing protests and the big rally announced for April 13, Djilas said that, for the time being, the focus was on the protest that would take place in front of the PINK TV station on April 6, which he calls “the bastion of evil”.

He also promised that the opposition would do its best to try not to repeat the incidents that had happened in RTS.

There is no difference between Johannes Han and Nebojsa Stefanovic

Djilas also discussed the relations between the European Union and Serbia. He said that a number of EU officials were not actually supporting Serbia, but rather the Serbian government.

He went on to say that the activities of the European Commissioner for the Enlargement, Johannes Hahn in Serbia were nothing more than a formality, and he likened Hahn to the Serbian Interior Minister, Nebojsa Stefanovic. At the same time, the European Commission reports say almost the same things as Freedom House’s report about the state of freedom in Serbia.

“As progress has been made in negotiations with the EU as a free country, and today it is partly free,” he asked.

A solution for Kosovo in the reconciliation of two nations

Djilas also said that he talked with US officials about Kosovo and told them that the recognition of Kosovo’s independence or a division was not an option for Serbia, but rather that we should work towards the reconciliation of the two nations.

“We are not working reconciling the two nations so that they can travel freely, develop the economy, do sports, promote culture, for media to report about the Albanians who have protected Serbs and vice versa, to reveal the truth about mass graves, namely that someone was killing people on our behalf and buried them here, in Batajnica, and for Kosovo to deal with its criminals. We need to build a society where people understand each other and that’s how you come to a solution”, Djilas said.

(N1, 01.04.2019)



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