Djilas: “Vucic would win 40%, the opposition 39% of votes if Belgrade election were to take place now”

“If the election in Belgrade were held as early as tomorrow, 40.8% of people would vote for the SNS and SPS coalition, 39.4% would vote for the united opposition, while 9% would vote for other opposition parties,” said Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) President, Dragan Djilas, referring to a public opinion poll done in June.

“The opposition (the 9%) would definitely not vote for the SNS party, but the question is whether these parties would form a coalition together with the SNS to come to power. I am referring to DSS, POKS, SRS and Zavetnici, which according to research would get 6.8% and Dveri and DJB who would cross the electoral threshold,” Djilas added.

“On balance, it is clear that the opposition in Belgrade has a strong advantage over the ruling party,” Djilas explained, pointing out that the data was based on the 52% turnout. “Just under 1.6 million voters are registered on the electoral roll, which means that this would be the turnout of 830,000 people,” Djilas said and added:

“This is 52% in relation to the number of people voting in the capital,” he added and asked how many people in Belgrade actually live and are registered to vote, and how many, unfortunately, have left Belgrade and Serbia.

(Nova, 13.07.2021)

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