Djilas: ‘Vucic will step down as president of SNS this autumn’

President of the Freedom and Justice Party, Dragan Đilas, talked in a TV programme about his meeting with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, regarding the formation of a new government and revealed that Vucic will leave step down as the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) president this autumn.

‘Consultations have been a democratic practice for the past 20 years. Each president has always summoned parties that have entered parliament so they can express their opinion on the best way to form the new government. Our stance is that we will not be part of the new government that will be like the previous one which we often criticised, that is why we remain the opposition, although we will never be in any way in opposition to Serbia,’ Đilas said.

Đilas added that in the newly convened Serbian parliament, he would support any law that brings improvements, regardless of who proposes it.

“It is written in the Constitution of Serbia that it is the President’s duty to listen to everyone’s opinion, so we also thought it was our duty to meet with the President and tell him that the previous governments did not do their job well, that they contributed to the criminalisation of the country, the collapse of all institutions, and the cessation or stagnation of European accession process, regardless of the fact that the European Union is also responsible for this stagnation as it has been behaving inadequately throughout the region,” Đilas added.

He went on to reveal that President Vučić reiterated that he would step down as the SNS President: “He has firmly decided to do so in the coming autumn.”

Commenting on pre-election coalitions, Đilas said that, in the future, he will collaborate and take part in elections only with those parties that have the same political programme.

(Pravda, 19.07.2022)


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